Frequently Asked Questions

What are some keys to getting great audio?
When can I expect my transcription?
How can I help make sure I get a great transcription?

If you're here, you've made the right first step.  You always want to choose a transcription company that is committed to producing a quality product and that uses high caliber transcriptionists.  You can also help to ensure a great transcription by providing information regarding unfamiliar key words or names, or by providing a list of speakers when there are numerous voices.  Perhaps the biggest key to getting a great transcription is to record great audio.  The clearer it is, the more likely the transcriptionist is to reproduce it accurately. 



What are the different possible transcription styles you use?

We will transcribe your audio to your specifications. 

  • Our Intelligent Verbatim style eliminates the "Uhm's" and "Ahs," the repeated phrases, and the false starts. 

  • You may prefer an entirely Verbatim transcript, where we reproduce every "Er, Um," and cough. 

  • Or you might opt for Interviewer Condensed, in which the interviewer's questions are paraphrased and time codes are added on each page.  When you contact us, we will discuss your needs with you and our pricing for each style. 


  • The first key to getting a great audio recording is to choose a quiet place.  Keep in mind that your ear can filter out ambient noises (radios, clanking cutlery, traffic) that a microphone cannot. 

  • Encourage speakers not to talk over each other so that we have the greatest chance of capturing their thoughts.

  • Always test your equipment before you start, both to ensure that it is working properly and to gauge the quality of your audio. 

  • Place the microphone in close proximity to your interviewee, especially if (s)he is soft spoken.

  • For telephone interviews, make sure your recording device can capture both sides of the conversation.   


Can you do a rush turn-around for me?

We're happy to work with your on priority job.  While we always try to turn work around ahead of schedule, we understand that you might have a pressing need at times.  When we review your requirements, we'll provide you with pricing that reflects both our regular and priority turn-around times, and you can decide how to proceed.

You should expect your transcript on or before the agreed upon due date.  Once we receive your audio, we will give it a preliminary listen and contact you should anything arise that might affect your turn-around time. 

How will my transcript be delivered to me?

We use Microsoft Word to transcribe your audio files and will email the completed transcript to you upon completion.  If you require a printed version, we can make arrangements to have that sent to you for an additional charge.